Powerflushing in Borough Green Sevenoaks


To work efficiently, your heating system needs clean water flowing through it.

Unfortunately, over time sludge can build up, leading to blockages in the pipework and build up in the radiators, as a result this can make the boiler and pump work harder than they need to. If there is a sludge problem in your central heating system, the boiler and radiators can start to sound like a kettle boiling (‘kettling’). The result is wasted energy – and higher fuel bills.

Powerflushing is the fastest and most effective way to flush heating systems because it involves minimal disruption and dismantling.

We use purpose-built pumps for Powerflushing in Borough Green Sevenoaks to resolve the circulation and noise problems caused by accumulations of sludge, limescale and corrosion deposits found in most ageing central heating systems.

Powerflushing in Borough Green Sevenoaks


Radiators are individually flushed without removal or disconnection from the system.

During the powerflushing process, the powerflushing pump is temporarily connected into the heating system. The high velocity of the water, combined with instantaneous flow reversal and mild non agresive chemicals, dislodges the sludge and corrosion deposits.

Having loosened the debris, the pump expels it from the system again and again until clear.

After the powerflush, the system is full of clean water, and reinstatement to normal operation takes only a few minutes.

Powerflushing in Borough Green Sevenoaks


Powerflushing can be extremely effective in cleaning systems that have corrosion problems as a result of a design fault, but we strongly recommend that any such design faults be rectified before powerflushing commences.

Every heating system is different of course and whilst we have an excellent success rate, some systems can just be too corroded to achieve perfect results and pipework replacement could be the only answer in some cases. Samsian Ltd will be happy to advise you if the design of your heating system has been a cause of the corrosion issues or sludge build up and offer appropriate solutions too.

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Powerflushing in Borough Green Sevenoaks.