What is a boiler service?

boiler service will include inspection, safety checks & any component cleaning, lubricating etc as detailed in the boiler manufacturers installation and maintenance instructions.

What is a Landlords or home owners gas safety check?

A Landlords or home owners gas safety inspection involves an operational and visual check of all gas appliances located within the property as well as a check on the integrity of the gas pipework from the gas meter and its visual condition where possible.

Should my boiler be vacuumed at a service?

The age, make, model and condition of the appliance will dictate what checks are required as will the type of boiler. Older open flue boilers, fires and warm air units generally benefit from some cleaning with brushes and or vacuum where as newer domestic condensing models shouldn’t need to be vacuumed.

Why is my boiler/heating noisy?

Appliance age, make, model as well as controls, system condition & design can all contribute to a boiler or heating system making strange noises. We can sometimes offer advice on what you can try yourself before calling in the experts so get in touch.

What is a powerflush?

A powerflush is an internal cleanse of your central heating system using a high velocity pump. The aim of which is to clean the inside of pipes and radiators, removing mild corrosion and iron oxide debris ‘sludge’ that may be causing a circulation problem.

How long does a powerflush take?

The design and size of the heating system as well as the number of radiators will dictate the duration, but a standard domestic central heating system powerflush for a 3 bedroom semi detached property with 8 or so radiators will take around half a day. This could take up to a full day if the system is in particularly bad condition.

Can a Powerflush cause leaks?

We use non aggressive chemicals with our high velocity flow rate pump to dislodge sludge and deposits as gently as possible so it is rare for a heating system to experience leaks during or after the power flushing process.

Is it better to leave my heating on all day or have it timed?

The million dollar question! In short there is no right or wrong answer, as it depends on so many factors such as, your temperature requirements, the property design and construction, it’s insulation properties, the design of your heating system and your personal comfort levels but in terms of energy saving, it goes without saying you should time your heating to come on only when you need it.