Be Gas Safe at home this winter

We rely on our gas boilers, cookers and fires more than ever during winter to keep warm, have hot baths and showers and cook hot meals. It’s important that gas appliances are regularly serviced to help keep us safe and prevent them from breaking down when we need them the most.

Be Gas Safe and don’t get left out in the cold this winter. Make sure you only use a Gas Safe registered engineer to fix, fir or service your gas appliances including your:

  • Gas boiler
  • Gas cooker
  • Gas fire
  • Warm air unit
  • Water Heaters

If you have a gas emergency this winter then you can call the National Gas Emergency Service for free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 0800 111 999.

If you would like to book a pre-winter central heating and gas boiler check, call Samsian Ltd today on 01732 885882 or use our contact form to get in touch.

Are you planning on home improvement work? Follow Gas Safe Register’s top tips…

With summer coming to an end many of us will be taking the opportunity to start tackling home improvement jobs. It is important that you only use a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out work on your gas appliances and that you check the credentials of every tradesperson working in your home.

Recent research has found that in the last year 100,000 home improvement projects, such as new kitchens and extensions, left homeowners with illegal and dangerous gas work of which they had no knowledge until it was too late.
Of these projects 1 in 7 were found to be ‘Immediately Dangerous’ and required the gas appliances to be disconnected straight away to avoid a gas leak, explosion, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. In all cases home owners had left their project to a builder, contractor or project manager to handle who in turn subcontracted to dangerous and illegal gas fitters.

Are you planning on home improvement work? Follow Gas Safe Register’s top tips:

• No matter how big or small the home improvement job, find out if it will involve gas work and only use a Gas Safe registered engineer.
• If you’re using a builder or project manager to employ the gas fitter check their credentials to make sure they are registered and qualified to work safely on gas.
• If you’ve recently had home improvement work done which involved gas and you’re not sure if a registered engineer did the work, nominate your property for a free safety check.
• If you suspect an illegal gas fitter report it to Gas Safe Register immediately.

For more information about gas safety in the home when carrying out DIY visit or contact Samsian Ltd 01732 885882 for all your Gas Safety Advice.

A quick guide to modern domestic gas boilers

All modern domestic gas boilers are ‘condensing boilers’ which means they produce more usable heat from the fuel than old fashioned boilers, making them so much more efficient.

There are two main types of boiler available & these are the:

  • Combination boiler – This boiler takes care of both your heating and water. It combines a central heating boiler with a high efficiency water heater so is ideal for smaller households and for people who need hot water quickly.
  • Conventional boiler – Conventional boilers store heated water in a separate hot water cylinder which is ideal for families and larger homes where lots of stored hot water is needed.

If you need help or advice choosing your new boiler, give Samsian Ltd a call on 01732 885882 for some friendly free advice.

Gas Safe Register warns householders about rogue traders

Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer

Unscrupulous rogue traders are capitalising on a rising elderly population and the impact of the credit crunch, warned Gas Safe Register and Trading Standards Institute. Advice for householders is simple – be on the alert for anyone who claims to be a registered gas engineer.

Dishonest traders who make false claims about their qualifications and carry out unsafe gas work could leave hundreds of Kent householders in danger every year. A survey carried out for Gas Safe Register, revealed that more than half of householders trust their gas engineer is registered and qualified without ever checking their credentials.

An estimated 20,000 gas installers are operating illegally in Great Britain. Only Gas Safe registered engineers are able by law to carry out gas work in the home. Gas Safe Register has see an increase in the number of legal and competent engineers to 126,000 across Great Britain and the Isle of Man, exceeding by several thousand the number of installers registered on the previous scheme.

Every Gas Safe registered engineer has a photo ID card with a unique licence number, and details of the work they are qualified to do. To check this information simply enter the engineer’s licence number on the website or call the helpline on 0800 408 5500.

“There are no second chances with gas,” warns Peter Eldridge, chief executive of Gas Safe Register:

“Saving pennies by using an illegal installer could cost yours and your family’s lives. Badly installed, repaired and maintained gas appliances can cause fires, explosions, gas escapes and CO poisoning, all of which can kill. In 2008, hundreds of families were affected by careless gas work and 14 people died from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning alone, so it’s vital that householders should only employ Gas Safe registered engineers that are qualified and competent for the job.

The Trading Standards Institute, whose members work closely with police and community groups to raise awareness of rogue traders, are delighted that Gas Safe Register is campaigning to make Great Britain gas safe.  A Trading Standards Institute spokesperson said: “Rogue traders will always seize an opportunity to carry out shoddy work and rip-off householders. Gas installation work is no exception and in addition to being ripped off people’s lives are put at risk. We would advise all residents to ensure they only use a gas engineer who carries the Gas Safe card.

If you need to contact a Kent Based Gas Safe Registered company carrying out Central heating and gas appliance service, repair and installation, call Us on 01732 885882 or if you need to find and check a Gas Safe registered engineer in a different area visit or call 0800 408 5500.

Faulty gas appliances – Risk of CO poisoning

Every year thousands of people across the UK are diagnosed with carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, often caused by faulty central heating systems, gas cookers or gas fires.

Thousands more suffer without even knowing they are being poisoned. Gas Safe Register recently launched gas safety week to highlight the importance of having gas appliances in the home safety checked annually.

They also publish research released by the Department of Health that confirms that large numbers of people are presenting themselves at hospital with low-level CO poisoning. Over a 12 month period, around 4,000 people have presented themselves at hospital with low-level CO poisoning. Accidental CO poisoning, arising from a variety of fuels, has resulted in more than 50 deaths this year.

Low-level CO poisoning symptoms mirror ailments such as cold, flu or general tiredness and can come about when small amounts of CO gradually escape from gas appliances into the air. But because CO has no taste, colour or smell, it is almost impossible to detect and people don’t realise they are in a dangerous situation until it’s too late.

The CO poisoning statistics come at the same time as research commissioned by Gas Safe Register, which found that a staggering 43% of people don’t get their gas appliances checked regularly, and nearly 1 in 10 are living with appliances that have never been checked.

Paul Johnston, Chief Executive of Gas Safe Register, said “Both sets of research expose worrying problems. It has been known for a long time that even low-level CO poisoning can cause significant harm, but people are failing to understand the importance of annual safety checks. That is why we’ve created Gas Safety Week (12 -18 September) to encourage people to take care and be gas safe.”

Medical expert Dr Rosemary Leonard comments “CO poisoning is a big problem because it creates symptoms that mirror more common everyday ailments. High levels of CO, often caused by faulty central heating systems, gas appliances and gas fires, can cause loss of consciousness and it can kill quickly with no warning. Those with low-level CO poisoning can face long-term health problems and children. Pregnant women and older people are particularly vulnerable.”

Danny Tickner of Samsian Ltd says “we are more than happy to give honest sound gas safety advice to anyone, either call 01732 885882 or use the contact form to get in touch with us if you have a question”

Regular servicing of gas appliances is absolutely vital to ensure their continued safe operation, call us to book your gas safety check or boiler service now.

Smell gas?

If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety you can call the National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999.

If you do smell gas, follow the simple rules below.


  • smoke or strike matches
  • turn electrical switches on or off.


  • Put out naked flames.
  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the property.
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter (unless the smell of gas and the meter are in a cellar). Make sure any gas appliances are turned off.
  • Call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

The National Gas Emergency Service deals with emergency calls from anywhere in the UK. Calls are dealt with through a call centre, where there are trained operators working 24/7 waiting to take your call.

Among other things, the call centre agent may log the following information:

  • address/location of the suspected gas escape or gas emergency
  • number of people in the property
  • where the smell is most noticeable
  • how long the smell has been noticeable
  • whether any neighbours are affected
  • your name and phone number
  • any special circumstances or access information.

Call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.