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Pool Boiler Repairs Kent

Do you have a swimming pool in Kent & need a boiler or heater repair or replacement?

Swimming pool heaters are the most complicated piece of equipment on your pool.

Repairs to pool heaters should only be performed by qualified personnel.

Gas pool heaters using Natural Gas or LPG can be hazardous due to the nature of the combustion process.

But heating is heating at the end of the day and thats what we do at Samsian Ltd, so whether the pool heater is LPG, Natural or mains gas, Oil fired, Heat pump or Solar we can help.

Pool Heating Repairs & Installation

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Vaillant hydrogen prepared boiler ecoTEC Plus remastered Sevenoaks

Vaillant’s Hydrogen prepared boiler

The new ecoTEC plus is the product of hours of research and development, years of expertise and innovation and a series of fine, precise improvements that have sharpened, intensified and enhanced performance specifically for the UK market. We’ve started with a classic, and taken it to the next level. 

The new ecoTEC plus takes connectivity to a whole new level. Paired with our new plug-and-play internet gateway, myVAILLANT connect, it enables app control, smart home integration and remote appliance care and support in minutes, for increased efficiency and first-class customer service.

ecoTEC plus 826, 832, 836, 840, 940

Combination boiler

  • Smart home ready for precise control and energy optimisation
  • Features new ioniDETECT technology – intelligent gas combustion monitoring for even greater system efficiency
  • Hydrogen prepared – perfect home heating solution for years to come. The perfect future proof heating solution
  • Hand-built in our award-winning Derbyshire manufacturing plant

Source vaillant.co.uk July 2023

To find out more, please visit the Vaillant website or use our own contact form.

As leading gas engineers in Sevenoaks, we will be pleased to answer your enquiry.

Hydrogen boilers

Hydrogen – The key to clean energy

With the UK net zero target set at 2050 and 31% of household emissions currently coming from central heating, the industry needs to look at the bigger picture of how to heat our homes. 

Hydrogen is the key to the green industrial revolution for transport but most importantly, heating. Our preferred partner Vaillant for instance pride themselves in being at the forefront of technology and are already developing hydrogen boilers meaning both of us are on our way to emission free heating solutions. Samsian, are gas leading engineers in Sevenoaks.

Why Hydrogen?

What is Hydrogen and Where Does It Come From?

Hydrogen can be obtained from a wide variety of substances, but above all, from water which the earth has an abundance making it a secure energy for the future. Hydrogen has another decisive advantage: It is a climate-friendly and, when producing green hydrogen, it is even a climate-neutral energy carrier.


The only by-products of green hydrogen are oxygen and water.


Hydrogen is capable of lifting the space shuttle and will keep planes in the air for hours, so it is more than capable of heating our homes.

Unlimited availability

Hydrogen can be obtained from different substances, especially water. And we have an unlimited source of water on earth.


It can be a fuel or a coolant, generate electricity and heat. And it has even more potential in the future.

Along with Oxygen, hydrogen is the main component of water. It is a very light gas with the chemical formula H2 and has a huge potential to make the transition to a carbon-neutral energy supply.

Hydrogen does not naturally occur in its pure form. It needs to be produced. There are different ways of doing this, the most common terms to describe the way of production are green, blue and grey production – depending of the amount of CO2 emissions during the production process.

Green Hydrogen is considered the fuel of the future, for a simple reason: a zero carbon emission process. Green Hydrogen is efficient and 100% sustainable. Experts calculated that a change from grey to green hydrogen will already save 830 million tonnes of CO2 that are emitted annually. In the UK, green hydrogen is the aim but to begin with, there will be a mix of blue and green hydrogen.

Source vaillant.co.uk August 2021

To find out more, please visit the Vaillant website or use our own contact form. Leading gas engineers in Sevenoaks, we will be pleased to answer your enquiry.

company that accepts bitcoin

Samsian Ltd accept Bitcoin as payment

Our company is now accepting Bitcoin as a valid form of payment. While the future of Bitcoin is still a little unknown, we believe cryptocurrency tokens are here to stay & our research has led us to making the decision to accept it as a valid form of payment. Cryptocurrency is quite a complex subject although its transfer for payment is straight forward if you currently already own or trade in a cryptocurrency. We have strict protocols in place for accepting ‘crypto tokens’ as part or full payment for goods and services and Bitcoin is currently the only cryptocurrency we accept as a form of payment. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through the process.

vaillant homeSAFE installer

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – All variants

Update: 31st December 2022

The health & wellbeing of our customers, our staff and the general public is taken seriously.

Samsian Ltd Staff have now been trained by Vaillant to homeSAFE standards and have adopted safe working practices to protect our customers, the general public and themselves.

Following the latest government advice, we continue to monitor the health guidelines generally & carry out planned non-essential work where any risk of transmission to or from our work force can be managed effectively & the risk itself is low enough for us to feel we are able to maintain the safety standards we adopt generally.

We are still accepting & attending essential & non-essential routine and emergency breakdown calls and replacing central heating boilers where the risks* can be managed effectively. Further information on how our customers can assist our engineers in managing the risks is below and we are happy to give more advice on this by telephone or email.

If you would like to discuss rescheduling options or you would like more information on our risk assessment methods, please use our contact form HERE or call 01732-885882 & ask to speak with Danny Tickner.

Your patience and support are greatly appreciated, as we work through this ever evolving situation.

* We can attend calls only where:

  • Occupiers are not self isolating

For more information on the Corona Virus in Kent, UK please visit the Government website

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