What is Boiler Plus?

What is Boiler Plus? Under the new Boiler Plus regulations, from 6th April 2018 all new domestic gas boilers installed in England must have a minimum energy efficiency of 92%. The new legislation, which will be incorporated into Approved Document L of the Building Regulations, also requires an additional energy saving device or technology to be fitted with every NEW combination boiler installed.

Depending on the heating system and the needs of the homeowner this requirement can be met by weather compensation, load compensation, a flue gas heat recovery system (FGHR) or a smart control with automation and optimisation functions.

Whilst most out dated heating system controls could benefit from one of the above energy efficiency improvements, this new legislation currently only applies to new boiler installations.

Don’t worry, Samsian Ltd will evaluate your needs and ensure you as a homeowner can easily comply with the legislation if necessary by only offering the most suitable product based on you requirements & the type of heating system you have.

Boiler Plus
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BoilerPlus Measures available

Load Compensation – a boiler control linked directly to the boiler speaking ‘the same language’ as the boiler, directly adjusts the temperature of the water in your radiators. The temperature of the radiators will be regulated depending on the temperature of the room. 

Weather Compensation – this system monitors the temperature outside using a sensor and adjusts the temperature of the radiators depending on the outside temperature.

Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device or FGHR – connected to the boiler flue, this device extracts leftover energy from the waste flue gases. This energy then raises the cold water temperature in a combination boiler and reduces the amount of energy / gas required to increase the hot water temperature. 

Smart Controls with Automation and Optimisation – a smart temperature and time control allows direct and remote control of the heating system using the internet & outside temperature data. Electronic thermostatic radiator valves can also split your home into separate heating zones. 

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