Which boiler is the best boiler?

There are several leading boiler manufacturers serving the UK market at present, all offering exceptional warranties which is generally considered the benchmark for quality. So whats the best boiler ?

Condensing boilers

All new central heating boilers fitted in the UK must now be condensing boilers, this is not to be confused with ‘combination boilers’.

Condensing boilers are A-rated and around 90% efficiency ratings, compared to older style boilers, which can be as low as 60% efficient.

The 3 common types of condensing boilers

  • Regular condensing boilers heat hot water which is generally stored it in a hot water cylinder.
  • System condensing boilers operate similarly to Regular boilers, but with some heating and hot water component built in
  • Combination (combi) boilers produce instant hot water and central heating separately. There is no requirement for a hot water cylinder with this type of boiler.

The best boiler for you of 2019

The type and size of your new boiler will depend on several factors such as the size of your home, the heating and hot water requirement, incoming water pressure to name only a few. If you’re unsure which boiler is right for you, get in touch with us by calling 01732-885882 or send us an email using our quick contact form. If you’re a tweeter you can also reach us on Twitter @samsiangas.

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