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Flues in Voids


Each year, many people in the UK suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is odourless, colourless and tasteless and is therefore impossible for humans to detect.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are often described as ‘flu-like’. Sufferers may experience nausea, vomiting, headaches and drowsiness. High concentrations of carbon monoxide can kill in minutes and exposure to carbon monoxide during sleep is extremely dangerous as the victim is unlikely to wake up due to their symptoms.

Carbon monoxide poisoning may occur if a gas appliance or flue has not been correctly installed, maintained or ventilated. The NoCO system detects carbon monoxide in rooms and in void spaces and protects from its effects.

Detecting CO in voids

Flues remove waste gas and fumes from the boiler, so it’s important that they are checked regularly. Many homes have boiler flues that cannot be inspected because they lie behind walls or ceilings. Gas industry guidance, which came into effect in the UK on 1 January 2013, requires any Gas Safe registered engineer to recommend the installation of inspection hatches in buildings where part of the flue system cannot be seen.

The NoCO wireless CO system has been designed to enable the detection of carbon monoxide from a boiler flue within a void space in the home.

The In-void detector combined with the NoCO Boiler shutdown control satisfies the minimum set of criteria for a CO void monitoring safety shut-off system (COSSVM) as described in Gas Safe Technical Bulletin TB008 Edition 3 (Appendix 1 section 11).

An ordinary carbon monoxide alarm cannot be used in the place of inspection hatches. The NoCO wireless system is the first and only alternative to inspection hatches and is compatible with any make or model of boiler.

All NoCO products meet the requirements of the European Carbon Monoxide Alarm Standard EN 50291:2010.

For further information visit the Gas Safe register website.

The NoCO system

The NoCO system includes detectors and a Boiler Shutdown Control. If carbon monoxide is detected in the home, the NoCO Alarm will sound and send an automatic signal to the boiler to ensure that it is shut down to prevent any further carbon monoxide entering the atmosphere.

All NoCO devices come with a 2 year guarantee as standard.

noCO componentsIn-void CO detector
Fits inside and monitors a void that contains a flue. The NoCO In-Void CO detector connects wirelessly with the NoCO Boiler Shutdown Control to provide immediate protection when carbon monoxide is detected.

Boiler Shutdown Control
The NoCO Boiler Shutdown Control unit is linked to the In-Void CO detector and any In-Room CO alarms. If any carbon monoxide is detected, the Boiler shutdown Control will immediately switch off the boiler.

CO In-Room alarm
NoCO In-Room alarms can be linked back to the other items in the NoCO system to detect carbon monoxide in any room of the home and providing extra security.

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