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Air to Water

Air to Water heat pumps use energy stored in the air and convert this to heat for space heating and hot water production. Low temperature energy from the air is collected through a CFC-free refrigerant cycle, which converts this energy to higher temperatures for use inside the home.

aroTHERM is Vaillant’s second generation Air to Water heat pump range. Developed in line with the exacting standards and precision engineering you would expect when you choose Vaillant, this new MCS accredited heat pump range will ensure that we have one of the most adaptable heat pump system offerings on the market, ensuring high performance, quality and comfort levels.

Features and benefits:

  • Blue fin coated evaporator as standard – Corrosion protection and water repellent to increase the life time and efficiency. Helps prevent water ‘sticking’ to the evaporator which can lead to ice build up making the heat pump go into de-icing. Extra corrosion protection against saline (salty) environments increasing the life of the evaporator.
  • Tray and Trace Heater – Ensures a quick de-icing even in the most extreme weather conditions. The 30 watt heater comes on when the heat pump is in de-icing mode to make sure that any water running off the evaporator flows freely from the heat pump.
  • Inverter driven technology – Modulating compressor – Heat pump only works as hard as is required to heat the property giving increased system efficiency, lower running costs and a longer lasting appliance.
  • Low sound power levels from 58dBa on the 5kW – Recognised independently by the Noise Abatement Society with the “Quite Mark” as one of the quietest heat pumps on the market.
  • High quality you expect from Vaillant – Precision German engineering, built with quality at its centre as well as operating in conditions down to -20°C.
  • Monobloc hermetically sealed air to water heat pump – Quick and easy to install, with only electrical and water connections required most importantly there is No need for F-gas qualifications for installation.
  • MCS accredited (may qualify for government incentices).
  • Solid case design with inbuilt anti-vandalism measure.
  • ErP rated A++.

Heat withdrawn from the air is transferred to the refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and changes from a liquid to a gas. The gaseous refrigerant is then passed through a compressor. As the gaseous refrigerant is compressed, its temperature increases further. The heat from the gaseous refrigerant is now directly transferred to the heating circuit.

Air to Water

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