Boilermate & Systemate Replacement Options Kent

There are several models of boilermate

  • The boilermate

  • The Systemate
  • Boilermate II

  • Boilermate III

  • Boilermate 2000

  • Gulfstream 2000

Here we deal with the most common model The Boilermate 2000 which is installed in several property types in Kings Hill Kent, The Braeburn Park development in Crayford & The Riverview Park area near Greenhithe in Kent where there are large numbers of them.

Boilermate & Systemate Replacement Options Kent
Typical Boilermate Set up

The boilermate 2000 has a thermal store of hot water which is heated by a conventional boiler. Inside there is a complexed printed circuit board controlling the main operation of the unit in conjunction with 3 temperature sensors and 3 circulating pumps.

Common problems include pump failure, sensor faults, printed circuit board faults (which are rare) and worse of all – leaks.

Small repairs are generally easily resolved by parts replacement, where as leaks from the thermal store generally means the unit need replacing.

Replacing a boilermate 2000 is very straight forward albeit quite involved, especially as they were commonly installed in new build properties on higher floors & prior to any internal decoration or second fixing. The units are quite cumbersome too, requiring several engineers to assist in the extrication. We always recommend protecting the egress route too i.e. ply lining walls & lifting or double protecting carpets especially when the units are being replaced due to leaks as the water remaining after draining down can be quite dirty.

Combination boilers are not normally suited to properties where boilermates are fitted and the most common replacement would be with an unvented hot water cylinder. These are far more manageable than the boilermate and depending on the size should fit in the same space as the redundant thermal store too.

The new unvented hot water cylinder will require a full set of heating and hot water controls including a pump & programmer, wired and configured as a tradiational ‘S’ Plan.

An unvented hot water system will work differently to the boilermate 2000 but will ultimately deliver hot water to outlets at a similar pressure to your incoming water main.

Other important things to consider that your installer should highlight

  • Incoming cold water main ‘flow’
  • Incoming cold water main ‘pressure’
  • No. of people in the property / Hot water requirement
  • Unvented hot water cylinder requires a pipe routed to low level outside of the property
  • Twin coil cylinder for future solar thermal hot water
  • Boiler age and capacity
  • Location & number of hot water outlets

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